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The dog grooming industry is forever growing and evolving and we believe that it is our duty to bring our clients the most current, highest quality service and care. Obtaining the best qualifications and accredited by the top associations in the grooming industry.

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Doggroomology is giving our local dog owner community what they want and need. We believe the new luxury isn’t extravagance. Todays luxury is about purpose and function.

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So what can you do to help you aid your dog’s coat care and wellbeing between grooms?

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Our dash of green represents health and wellbeing whilst also pursuing an eco friendly environment.


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Hair today, Gone tomorrowTop tips for reducing shedding Shedding is a natural process for our four legged friends to naturally loose old or damaged hair.

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We hope you are staying safe during these unprecedented times.

We currently encourage you to book your dogs in via our online booking system, securing yourselves appointments

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