After care

A message from the Boss Lady!

Thank you for choosing us for your furry friends grooming needs. As Director and Founder I would like to personally welcome you as a new customer.

Doggroomology has been created to promote the highest standards in dog grooming and customer service, believing it plays an important role alongside diet, exercise and Veterinary care.

Why not get to know us better with our website which is crammed with information about us and and our ethos, as well as useful articles.

I am happy to inform you I will be your primary point of digital contact for our humble little business and encourage you to contact me with any questions, comments or feedback. You can reach me by phone, email or post by the details below.

Im very confident you will be very satisfied with the service we offer and hope you will feel comfortable turning to us for advice and guidance with any of your dog’s grooming needs now and in the future.

Again, thank you for entrusting Doggroomology with your beloved pets grooming and health requirements and we look forward to working alongside you for the foreseeable future.

Warmest regards and waggiest tails

Rebecca Wattam

Founder and director

Helpful advice

We are sure your dog will feel like a superhero after their groom and we hope you don’t have any problems but very rarely things pop up. As covered in our terms, whilst maximum care is taken with your doggie remember that we are working with live, moving animals with a mind of their own.

Pick up the dog and bone

We will always notify you if something has unexpectedly gone wrong but sometimes things can go unnoticed or wont show up immediately.


Please follow our guidelines for help and advice.


These usually appear around the sanitary areas and be caused if your dogs hair was matted, or it’s the first time your dog has been shaved close (short) for the first time. Hot clipper blades can also cause a rash but we regularly spray our blades with cooling spray and change the blades over to prevent overheating. Your dogs skin might just be reacting to the clipper oil/spray. A soothing, sometimes antiseptic ointment may be needed.


We are very careful and experienced in using our sharp equipment but accidents happen with moving targets. If we notice a nick we will have one of our in- house vets clean and dress it as appropriate and inform you. If you find one that we haven’t noticed please keep it clean and call us immediately so we can take necessary action. Key areas are ears, sanitary areas, feet pads and legs.


The nails can only be cut back as far as the quicks (the blood vessel within the nail) We always try to cut the nails as short as possible but our humane policy is that we leave the nails slightly longer than preferred to avoid cutting the quick on dogs that do not like having their nails cut. With this method we take out the discomfort from an already nervous dog. Sometimes though, either from the dogs jumping around or quicks that are hard to see because of black nails, we cut the quick. We have a product that is designed for this happening which coagulates the blood. If in rare circumstances that your dogs nail starts bleeding at home then its nothing to worry about but please let us know.


Whilst many dogs feel great after a groom we have had feedback that some dogs seem withdrawn and not themselves, this is especially so in nervous/ timid dogs. Please be rest assured we have taken lots of care with them and it doesn’t mean something bad has happened! But do let us know as next time we can try booking them in at a time where the parlour isn’t so busy, or there’s not other noisy dogs in which can contribute to anxiety.

Dogs also pick up on their humans energy, if you react horrified that your their hair has all been clipped off, then they will sense something is wrong with you and react to that.

Some of our furry friends are simply just knackered after their groom and having fun!

Satisfaction grrrrrranteed!

You should be 100% happy with Your dogs haircut and it should still look great in a week or twos time…. If for some reason you are not happy then ring us immediately so we can get them back in to rectify. Please remember that difficult dogs and senior, debilitated dogs are not always going to receive a perfect cut due to their movement, or lack off agility.

We’re here to help

If you experience any of these concerns or anything else, please get in touch as soon as is convenient, we are here to help! Otherwise we hope you are completely satisfied with your dogs groom and are ready for some gorgeous selfies with your four legged friend!

If in an unusual circumstance you are unhappy with something and would like to complain please do so by email to and allow 2 working days for a response. After you receive a response from Rebecca the Manager, please allow 5 working days for the matter to be investigated.