Wet, wet, wet… about that wet dog smell

As much as we love our dogs…love is not all around us when they’re stinky wet. Weirdly, A British scientist who is an expert in odours, describes wet dog odour as a combination of almond, fruit, honey, and mushroom. Although he added however, that the scent also includes faeces and sulphur among its scents. It’s […]

Help deshedding

Hair today, Gone tomorrowTop tips for reducing shedding Shedding is a natural process for our four legged friends to naturally loose old or damaged hair. The amount and frequency of hair that is shed depends upon their health, lifestyle, breed type and the seasons. Hopefully we can ‘shed’ some light on how you can help […]

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Do labradors need bathing?

Lab’s have a Double-Coat, meaning they have two layers of fur: a top layer called the Guard coat that is the more “wiry” hairs. Then underneath you’ll find a softer