Dear all, 

We hope you are staying safe during these unprecedented times.


We have developed a sufficient covid-19 routine at work for CUSTOMER APPOINTMENT ARRIVAL. The Ark vets phone number, written on the side door of vets practice, is for clients to call and the receptionists will put you through to the groomers. Please ONLY CALL THIS NUMBER FOR ARRIVALS AND PICKING UP

FOR BOOKINGS We currently encourage you to book your dogs in via our online booking system, securing yourselves appointments. Unless you do not have access to internet you may book via OUR NEW BOOKING landline 01206 699239 but you cannot reach the groomers directly, it is diverted to the manager working remotely.
Please allow time for the manager to reply to messages as we are extremely busy.

We have an approximately 2-4 week waiting list but if your dogs are severely matted please let us know and we will see if we can get you in.

Please adhere to our guidelines during the Covid-lockdown. If you cannot follow these then unfortunately we cannot groom your dog. Our staffs safety is paramount to us, as is yours.

🐶 If anyone in your household is displaying covid-19 symptoms your dog should not be groomed
🐶 If anyone in your household is high risk you should not leave the house, but get a member from household to bring dog in
🐶 please arrive to your appointment at the exact allocated time
🐶 do not go to the vets front door and attempt to make contact
🐶 Call the groomer vis the vets phone number written on the SIDE DOOR when you arrive and wait across the road opposite the vets side door.
🐶 The groomer will put on a slip lead and then ask you to move all your collars/ leads and harnesses
🐶 Groomer will take dog inside and groom
🐶 Payments will be taken when you pick up your dog, we now take card payments or you may pay by cash in a clear envelope
🐶 Dogs MUST be picked up at groomers allocated time. The groomer will RING YOU when they are ready
🐶 Usual extra costs such as de-matting will also still apply
🐶 The groomer will not have time for lots of brushing out and is carrying out grooms to make the dog comfortable, this means it may be shorter than you are used to
🐶 Call the groomer when you arrive back outside and wait on other side of the road again
🐶 The same handover protocol will happen
🐶 Please do not attempt to approach the groomer and stay 1metre minimum away at all times.
🐶 please wear a face mask
🐶 With the current ongoing Covid-19 situation we are opening in accordance with the Government and the pet industry federation who have said we are able to continue business in keeping with their recommended guidelines.

Many thanks and we look forward to seeing you 😊

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Please find on this link the dog grooming business guidelines from the pet industry federation


Thank you for understanding our strict guidelines, we are opening so that our customers dogs do not suffer