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Most dogs really enjoy being groomed. However, whilst some dogs seem to just tolerate grooming rather than enjoying it, others really hate being brushed and will make it very difficult for you to do this, which can be a serious problem if your dog has the type of coat that really needs grooming regularly, like curly coats.

Please don’t let this put you off bringing your dog to the groomers. We are skilled in handling and building up dogs confidence and tolerance at being groomed. We even recommend that these dogs come in MORE frequently otherwise they could become matted, and this will make them dislike being groomed even more as grooming pulls, pinch’s and twists on the matted skin.

Read our blog here on tips for grooming at home.

Oh yes! Read our blog here on the physical and mental benefits of having dogs groomed.

How often you should get your dog groomed depends greatly on the breed, their condition, lifestyle and activity levels- as often as every four weeks is necessary for some dogs, while once or twice a year is fine for others.

With so many factors, there’s too much information to put on one page ask one of our friendly team for advice.

It’s best to start at a young age so they get used to coming to the parlour. We recommend from 12 weeks, this way they’ve had all their vaccinations so they won’t pick up any illnesses. Puppies under 12 weeks can also be injured very easily from twisting about, so its a good idea to let their joints strengthen up.

We generally say allow 2 to 3 hours or 3 to 4 hours for larger, hairy dogs but the groomer will advise you on the day when you drop them off. Times can vary slightly because of the nature of our work we can often run behind. We will always try and ring you and give you a heads up if we think we are really behind… We are pretty flexible though and happy for you to leave them with us longer if you have school runs, shopping to do etc…

Unfortunately because we are based within a veterinary practice we are not set up for viewing. But we have found that doggies can be too distracted by owners, causing them to wiggle around lots, and risk being injured when we are scissoring and clipping! Rest assured your babies are in good hands and we are planning on doing vlogs to offer more transparency in the parlour.

Yes that’s fine, we keep all dogs separate. Just try and let us know in advance if you notice so we can try and ensure there aren’t any non-neutered dogs in. Sometimes particularly sensitive bitches can become extremely hormonal during heat, in these circumstances we would advise waiting until they are less sensitive.

We would asses individual cases. In general, we wouldn’t advise it. However, if the dog is suffering eg. compacted fur/matting etc… we would act in the dogs best interests.

Pricing varies so much from breeds to coat type and condition, behaviour etc Check out our packages and price list.

We understand that dogs expenses can start adding up, wormers, food, vet… Groomers have well structured price lists which reflect the skill and training needed but different groomers can vary in price.

You could shop around for a cheaper groomer, this doesn’t mean they are bad, possibly just that their overheads are low.

Ultimately we never want to see a dog suffer, especially for financial reasons. Please contact us via email if you are struggling to fund a grooming appointment, we can discuss a possible price plan or help with funding. 

Yep, no problem! Please just try and let us know in advance so we can make sure there’s enough kennel space that day.

Yep, no problem!
Just pre-arrange with us so we can make sure there’s space for them.

If you book an appointment you will receive an email confirmation which includes our cancellation terms. You will also get an email reminder 48 hours prior to your appointment and then an SMS 24 hours before your appointment.

We totally understand that life gets in the way sometimes, but please try and give us 24 hours notice or you will be charged. You will be required to pay half price for the groom however repeats of last minute cancellations may be expected to pay full price. This is to cover the groomers wages and other overheads as we may not be able to fill the appointment. We will of course always look at individual circumstances. Please refer to our legal section in the footer for all our policies.

Throw us an email, we would love to hear from you and happy to answer any questions.

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