More than just a haircut

The benefits

Yey! You’ve made the amazing decision to add a new member to your family. They are going to bring so much joy to your live so lets repay them by ensuring they are healthy. Understand why regular grooming is essential to the health of your pet, it is not a canine luxury but a necessity.

Emotional health

Dogs in good physical shape are happier than those in poor condition. If our dog’s fur is matted or if their nails are too long, they’re in a state of discomfort. In turn, this can make them exhibit personality changes that can range from mild irritability to outright violent behaviour. In fact, your dog may even become depressed. Regular grooming aids our golden oldy senior dogs.
A clean & well groomed dog gets more cuddles! Dogs shouldn’t smell bad. In fact, they probably don’t enjoy smelling bad anymore than you do.


Increase their sociability as grooming becomes a positive experience and easy for both you, your groomer and your dog. Enjoy easy vet checks as your dog will be more comfortable and used to being handled, especially around the face, feet and tail. Less stress for everyone!

Hair hanging over our pet’s eyes restricts vision and can alter our dogs capabilities and behaviour.


Our dogs will look gorgeous! There are coat styles specific to particular breeds which need maintaining by clipping and scissoring. Long haired breeds need regular grooming to maintain a certain appearance.

Physical health

  • Your dog’s overall health will be checked – skin and coat, teeth and gums, ears, eyes, nose, claws and pads and sanitary areas.
  • Undetected grass seeds can cause abscesses and severe infection. It is not unheard of for a pet to lose an eye from an undetected grass seed.
  • Groomers often notice things out of the ordinary you weren’t aware off and let you know – fleas, sore, lumps, cuts, rashes or other concerns
  • Removing undercoat ventilates their coat which enables dogs skin to breath, therefore enabling them to maintain a normal body temperature
  • Running a brush through their coat acts as a nice massage which promotes healthy blood circulation.
  • promotes a healthy coat and general wellbeing.
  • Regular grooming can aid senior dogs.
  • Regular grooming with the correct products aids the elimination of itchy and irritated skin conditions.
  • Aids in the removal of excessive moulting hair and hence itching.
  • Prevents Matting which can suffocate the skin and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and fungus.  Matts can become painful and distressing for your dog.
  • Regular checks of teeth can help prevent future oral problems.
  • Dental disease can lead to bad breath, teeth loss, reduced appetite and if untreated can cause organ damage to your pet’s heart, liver and kidneys
  • Keeping ears clean and clear of excess hair can help prevent ear infections.
  • Cutting the nails will preclude them from curling back and growing into the skin. Also helps reinforce healthy foot structure and posture.

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Benefits for you

  • Lower vets bills as regular grooming will prevent disease and catch many health issues before they become an emergency.
  • Aid in pet hair allergies at home
  • Regular grooming can be more cost effective than not seeing groomer regularly.
  • Dogs shouldn’t smell bad. In fact, they probably don’t enjoy smelling bad anymore than we do. Regular grooming makes our dog smell nice, reducing the ‘doggy’ smell in our homes.
  • Deepen that close bond with our four legged friends
  • A clean & well groomed dog gets more cuddles and great news is it’s been proven than cuddling a dog releases feel good hormones, ill take two then please 🙂