First timers

Well hello there!

The best conversations happen between friends so lets get to know each other

We can’t wait to meet you, when you arrive just let the receptionists know and they will kindly buzz us through. Have a seat with us and let us get to know you and your dog.

Lets get personal

To give you and your pooch our best service we need to know some personal stuff, including their health and any grooming history, contact details, grooming preferences and lifestyle, etc… There’s also a couple of cheeky forms for a grown up to sign. It would help us to help you if a decision making grown up is at your first appointment so we can get the low down


Whatever your reason is for looking for a new groomer, we got your back

New puppy?
First time?
New to the area?
Had a Bad experience elsewhere?
Can’t get in at regular groomers?
Fancy a change?
You heard how awesome we are?

Friendly advice

Before your appointment…

• Take doggy for a walk and toilet

• See how long it takes to get to us to allow sufficient travel time

• Google and save photos to show us what haircuts you like

• Have a decision making grown up bring doggy in

Top tip

We know how hard it is leaving your doggy, but they pick up on their owners energy, so never act sad and worried when you drop them off as it can make them sad and worried.

6 easy steps

  • Bring doggy in and tell us what groom you want
  • Give doggy a kiss and leave with us for agreed time (normally 2-3hours)
  • Make the most of dog free time and go shopping , do your housework or visit friends
  • Wait for our call or come back at agreed time
  • Come back and give doggy cuddles now they look and smell beautiful
  • Book your next appointment and pay the pennies


The legal bit

Grab a brew and please have a read of our policies and GDPR stuff as well as our terms and conditions and data protection.