Appointments available from TODAY for November duration for baths and brush outs including nail cutting and ears cleaned

From £20!!!


➡️ been for a muddy walk?

➡️ pooch stinking?

➡️need a good brush out?

Call us every day on 01206 760675 OrMessage us on face book 📲

🧡30-60 minute time slots (perfect for people short on time)💛 includes drying, brush out, nail cutting and ears cleaning 💗 )🧡 on the day availability and pre-bookings (but we are expecting appointments to fill up quick!)💛 T&C’s apply and not available to book online

*Terms and Conditions

Prices are approximately 15-25% off normal bath price (see website for pricelist)

The groomer reserves the right to give final quote

Extra charges apply on top of offer discount such as dematting and handling fees etc

Cannot be used in conjunction with other offers or deals

Does not include any trimming, scissoring, clipping Appointments

limited to 1 hour appointments so dogs so groomer will dry and brush out as much as time allows

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