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We hope your having lots of fun with your new family member! And even if you haven’t brought them home yet, or chose your new best friend, we give you a thumbs up for already doing your research into their grooming.

Dogs have breed specific grooming needs and these will also vary with your choice of style and preferred level of maintenance. We recommend researching your dogs breed for its grooming needs but give us a holla for advice on your personnel circumstances.

Puppy parties

Aimed for puppies aged between their first and second injections, these are a great way to get them used to social situations. Because we are conveniently located within the ark veterinary practice which hosts puppy parties every week, puppies get the extra benefit of getting used to visiting the vet. The sessions include the nurse checking them over which helps them build a healthy lifelong relationship with visiting the vets.

You cannot make dogs learn.
You can only provide the right conditions for learning to happen’

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks

Ok, so not strictly true, but when it comes to grooming its fairer and easier to build happy confident puppies than repair broken older dogs. Regular parlour visits and grooming at home are an essential part of looking after your four legged friend. Starting them from a young age will educate them to the sensations of the grooming process and build their confidence, creating positive experiences for them and learning valuable skills of being handled.

We highly recommend puppies can start coming to the parlour from 3 months of age.

The puppy package

With our years of experience, we know that it can take several appointments to get puppies used to the grooming process. We encourage you to take advantage of a course of puppy sessions which is the ideal gradual introduction for them. You’ll even get a doggy treat bag when your puppy completes their training!

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