🌟Price increase from 1st April 2021🌟
Did you know I moved my grooming to the Ark premises and founded Doggroomology 10years ago! That means I’ve also been dog grooming for 15 years! Wow! Where has the time gone!
Weve been grooming some of your lovely dogs for almost 15 years 🥰🥰 and our long standing clients, your loyalty, through thick and thin, is the heart of doggroomology ❤️
Thank you to you all… and our newest clients, for choosing us 🧡
Did you also know that a lot of our prices haven’t gone up in that 15 years? But staff wages have gone up almost 3 fold (and rightly so… groomers invest a lot of money, time, hard work and passion to be qualified groomers, and it is essential they are rewarded for this, and being paid more than minimum wage) as has other outgoings gone up drastically.

So that we can continue to give you the best service, best products, and best groomers, after professional assessment of the current dog grooming industry I have implemented our new prices
Please visit our website for the new prices via the link and we look forward to seeing you all at your next appointments
Best wishes
Founder of Doggroomology