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We currently love and use mostly the Espree range of natural products. We’ve been very happy with the results of its full range and we hope you will too.

With a variety of types we can select the most appropriate shampoo for your dog. From hypo-allergenic to coat type specific.

If your dog in prescribed veterinary products or you wish us to use your own supplied products we will happily do so. IE maselb or coatex.

We constantly research the choice of shampoo and skin care products on the market to further aid your dog’s wellbeing, and often govern case studies to trail new and old productions. We love to hear of products you have used and swear by so we can help other owners improve their dog’s quality of life.

If you have any questions about the products we use please just ask one of the groomers or email 

99.9% of our clients love the baby powder smell we spray on at the end of the groom for lasting freshness. However if you do not like the smell we can leave it off! We also do not apply the spray to dogs with sensitive skin unless you okay for us to do so


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