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Hello and thank you for choosing doggroomology to groom your dog, as a very popular and busy business please try and adhere to our requirements so we can carry out our work as smoothly and thoroughly as we can to provide you with the best service possible. If you have any questions please feel free to ask a member of our staff.

*Please arrive to your appointment on time or we may not have time to groom your dog or you may incur a fee.
*Please ensure your dog has been to the toilet before their appointment.
*We welcome all dogs although if dogs are extremely aggressive/ nervous an extra fee will be charged due to the extra time required.
*We understand that last minute cancelations may occur due to unforeseen circumstances but please try and give us maximum notice so we can give the appointment to somebody else. Recurring cancellations may incur a fee.
*Please pre-warn us if your dog has fleas. Dogs with fleas will automatically be washed in a flea treatment with an extra fee applied.
*Please try to pick your dog up at the agreed collection time or discuss with us if you need to leave them in our care for longer. We are happy to do so, as we want to accommodate you as much as we can but it may be subject to kennel space on the day and you may be charged. We will take your dog out for a toilet break and stretch of legs for periods of more than two hours after their groom has finished.
*Any dogs must be picked up before the vets closing times and will be charged at £10 increasing to £20 into the second hour if this happens
*Appointments generally take 2-3 hours for small/ medium dogs and 3-4 hours for large dogs but is dependent on the groomers work schedule and you will be advised accordingly.
*Collection and delivery times are subject to change depending on the groomers daily schedule.

*We do not give customers dogs any medicines, foods or drugs of any kind unless requested by the owner.

*Dogs are never given anything to calm them down. If your dog seems quiet after their groom it’s probably because they are tired from the appointment, it can especially be tiring for puppies and elderly dogs.

*Severe matting of your dog’s coat is extremely uncomfortable and a huge hazard to their health. The only realistic, humane solution is to clip them off and this can cause discomfort in itself, sometimes causing a skin rash or a nip of the skin. The groomer will take full care and attention but if they feel the dog is becoming too stressed they will arrange with you and the vet to finish off the process with the dog under sedation for their wellbeing. The groomer will not be held responsible for any problems occurring during or after the process.

 *The groomer will not be held responsible for irritation, abrasion, patchiness or hair loss due to any pre-existing skin condition, or as a result of the grooming process, de-matting, hand stripping, shaving or any other mishap caused by a non-disclosure of any behavioural or medical condition.

 *The groomer will not be held responsible for any aggravation or exacerbation to the dog whether from a pre-existing condition or from the direct result of the grooming process. You must always declare any medical conditions or previous operations at the consultation.

*Doggroomology is fully insured and whilst maximum care is taken with your dog please be aware they we are working with life, moving animals with a mind of their own.

*We will always deal with situations as professionally and amicably as possible and if you have any concerns or complaints please contact us immediately.


Thank you for complying with our terms and conditions, we hope you are pleased with your dogs groom and we see you again for your next groom.

British Dog Groomers Association



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