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Long haired breeds need regular grooming to maintain a certain appearance.

Grooming makes your dog look presentable.

Your dog’s overall health will be checked – skin and coat, teeth and gums, ears, eyes, nose, claws and pads and sanitary areas. (this is not an alternative to going to your vet, you should always seek veterinary advice for any ailments you are aware off)

The groomer may notice things out of the ordinary you weren’t aware off and let you know – fleas, sore, lumps, cuts, rashes or other concerns, and recommend you to seek veterinary advice.

Regular grooming makes your dog smell nice, reducing the ‘doggy’ smell in your home.

Grooming should be a pleasant experience for most dogs and gets them used to be handled.

Grooming makes your dog feel better, promotes a healthy coat and general wellbeing.

Regular grooming can aid convalescing and senior dogs.

Regular grooming with the correct products aids the elimination of itchy and irritated skin conditions.

Aids in the removal of excessive moulting hair and hence itching, also aiding in pet hair allergies at home

Prevents Matting which can suffocate the skin and is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, parasites and fungus.  Matts can become painful and distressing for your dog.

Regular monitoring and de-scaling of teeth can help prevent future oral problems.

Keeping ears clean and clear of excess hair can help prevent ear infections.

Cutting the nails will preclude them from curling back and growing into the skin.


*Note. Don’t panic about removing excess needed oils from your dog’s coat with excess bathing. Canine shampoos are designed with the correct PH balance to work in harmony with their skin and hair. That ‘doggy’ smell on your dog is the scent of their natural oils, smelly isn’t it! As domestic dogs that live inside they don’t need all those protective oils that pong your house out! That being said, dogs that live outside do need them to protect them from the elements, in this case we wouldn’t advise bathing too often, but there are leave in shampoos available to freshen them up!

British Dog Groomers Association



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