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De-matting your dog is an important part of looking after your dogs coat and overall wellbeing. Matting starts as a small knot in the fur and, if left untreated, will become extremely irritating and painful for your dog, becoming a host for bacteria and parasites.

It is very important to treat fur matts as soon as they are found and we de-matt your dogs coats on your behalf.

We are experienced in gently combing out matted fur with as little distress to your dog as possible.  However if the matting is severe or your dog becomes distressed, we will discuss with you about having them clipped off.

Matting fur usually occurs in mid or long haired breeds.  Some fur types are more prone than others.

We recommend you groom your dog between salon visits to prevent them occurring, however we understand how difficult this can sometimes be.  In these circumstances, we would recommend more frequent visits to the salon.
We are happy to demonstrate and advise you on the best tools and methods to maintain your dogs coat between grooms.

British Dog Groomers Association



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