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What is hand stripping?

Hand stripping is a process that involves plucking out the dog’s hair, in the direction it grows. Wire Coated dogs have what’s called a “releasing hair follicle.”

The tools used for stripping depend on the breed, the type of coat and how precisely the work needs to be done.  Hand stripping is a time consuming and detail oriented process, which is why shaving a dog is often more practical. However, shaving a Wire Coat damages the coat’s proper texture/color and is not allowed for showing.



The frequency in which you need to work a dog’s coat depends, again, on breed, individual and coat type. A rule of thumb is a jacket needs to be fully stripped once or twice a year, when the dog naturally starts blowing its coat.

For some dogs they can be ‘rolled’ every few weeks, so the long hairs are pulled to maintain shape.


Learning to hand strip a coat well and properly takes lots and lots of practice and years to refine skills.We are very skilled in hand stripping Border terriers and some other breeds.

We specialise in pet grooms, not show standard hand strips which are breed specific. We recommend finding someone who shows your particular breed to achieve the correct balancing finish.

Ask to speak to our groomers direct with any hand stripping queries.


British Dog Groomers Association



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