Teeth cleaning

You should check your dogs mouth regularly, preferably daily but at least weekly, for any discomfort or ailments. Such as tartar build up, gum disease, foreign bodies such as splinters/ hair/bone.

Many groomers now are offering ultrasonic teeth cleaning. Whilst we once were sold to the idea that the process could work alongside veterinary dentals, we now cannot advocate it.

A meeting with our current in-house vets revealed that the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) and:
a) EVDC (European Veterinary Dental College)
b) EVDS (European Veterinary Dental Society)
c) The current recognised Specialists in Veterinary Dentistry practising in the UK
d) BVDA (British Veterinary Dental Association)


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The sellers of ultrasonic teeth cleaners will try to say that it’s not classed as ‘dental work or de-scaling….. instead it it simply ‘teeth cleaning’. But unfortunately dog grooming is not regulated so groomers are able to carry out this service, which vets do not condone!

Our advice is check your dogs teeth regularly, clean them regularly, and seek veterinary attention if they start showing ailments such as tartar build up, receding, swelling and bleeding gums, smelly breath. Our groomers will happily check your dogs teeth and advise you if they look like they may need specific veterinary attention or a dental.

The main feedback we get is that owners do not want to put their dog under sedation and that it is expensive. Firstly, ultrasonic cleaning can be false economy, and secondly sedations are not to be feared.
Speak to your vet if you have any concerns and hopefully they can dispel any fears you may have.