Veterinary services
Hand in hand

We believe Grooming and wellness go hand in hand so we love being located within a veterinary practice. Also our partnership marries well with our ethos that todays new luxury is purpose and function. You won’t find us trying to sell you spa gimmicks, but just ensuring that we are making your life as easy as possible and your dog healthy and happy

Joint appointments
Take the kids to school, go to work, do the shopping, respond to instagram comments… We know only too well that life is busier than ever! Let us take away some chores for you! When you book, Just ask and we will organise your vet appointment for you at the same time! We’ll also give fur baby his worming tablets and take them for their vaccinations.

Your dogs oral hygiene is a critical part of their overall health.

Coming soon we are offering ultrasonic teeth cleaning but for dogs with any sign of bad oral hygiene our vets offer full sedated dentals.

Weight management
Let us take the weight off your shoulders
Or should we say take the weight of your dog! If you have any concerns about your dogs weight why not come and talk to one of the lovely vet nurses about their weight at their 1 2 1 clinics.
Sedation grooms for nervous dogs

You will probably never need this service! It is very very rare we come across dogs that cannot be groomed or be finished grooming due to severe aggression/ nervousness. We’ve had less than half a dozen dogs over the 6 years we’ve been based within the vets need sedating.

We are very skilled at handling and working with difficult dogs to build their trust and confidence, but sometimes it far safer and kinder to have them sedated to carry out the groom.

The shop
Wormers and flea treatments can be purchased in reception and the lovely receptionists can help you with any queries.
Puppy socialising groups
What better way to make your puppy vet visits a positive experience than playing and having fun in a vets reception. Take advantage of these weekly sessions aimed at puppies between their first and second vaccinations.
The Ark Vets

Want to know more about The Ark Vets? Check out their website.

Disclaimer: Grooming appointments are not a substitute for seeing the vet, groomers can not diagnose or treat dogs