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Dog Grooming
At doggroomology, we give you excellence in dog grooming, animal welfare and service, perfectly tailored for both you and your dog. Situated within a Veterinary Practice we provide the ultimate health innovation with every dog groom and have the professional support from our in house vets. Feel rest assured your dogs health is in the best hands, their wellbeing is in the hearts of our team.

Doggroomology has been created to promote the highest standards in dog grooming and customer service, believing it plays an important role alongside diet, exercise and Veterinary care.

With the ultimate health innovation incorporated into every appointment we truly care for your dog’s health and have the support from our vets on site for advice. Our parlour also boasts top specification facilities to cater for all ages, sizes and temperaments of dog.

We constantly research the choice of shampoo and skin care products on the market to further aid with your dog’s wellbeing, and often govern case studies to trial run new (and old!) productions.

Doggroomology encourages and provides help and support for dog owners with their grooming maintenance between parlour appointments.

Our Company provides ongoing training to its employees in grooming skills, dog handling and health and customer service. We are dedicated to providing you the most thorough and up to date service as possible, bringing dog grooming into the modern day. That is why we are accredited members of the Dog Groomers Association and Pet Industry Federation.

We hope you will feel comfortable turning to us for advice and guidance with any of your dog’s grooming needs now and in the future.

We are confident you will be very satisfied with the service we offer. The information enclosed in the welcome pack will help you make the most of our services.

Again, thank you for entrusting Doggroomology with your beloved pets grooming and health requirements and we look forward to working alongside you for the foreseeable future.


Kindest regards


Rebecca Wattam

Founder and director


British Dog Groomers Association



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